Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lil Wayne Discusses "Sorry 4 The Wait" Mixtape, Likens It To "No Ceilings"

After several delays with his upcoming studio album "Tha Carter IV," Weezy apologizes with his aptly titled mixtape.
Lil Wayne is currently prepping the release of his upcoming mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait, a peace offering to fans for Tha Carter IV’s consistent pushback. Speaking with XXL Magazine via MTV News, Weezy explained that he’s trying to make amends for delaying his album by several months.
"The mixtape is called Sorry for the Wait, and it's because [manager Cortez Bryant] pushed the album back so, sorry for the wait," he said.
The mixtape only features a guest appearance from Lil B, but there’s a chance other rappers will contribute. Wayne explained that the freebie will be similar in format to that of his 2009 mixtape No Ceilings , featuring rhymes over other rappers’ beats.
“Yeah, it's gonna be just like No Ceilings, taking the f--- over a n---a's beat. You know what it is, killin' n---as sh--," he said. "Make a n---a pissed, mad as a mother----er he ain't call me to get on that mother----er originally. Like, 'F---, if I'd have took this n---a call this n---a's song wouldn't be hotter than mine!"

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