Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[ Full ] LOOL watching right now . Never gets old


I doubt a lot of people know this one, back when Eminem was still recording in basements he was with a group called Soul Intent. One of his tracks included:

Eminem - Biterphobia

Eminem - Demon Inside 

(Not sure when/where this was. Lyrics

are crazy though)

He tried to make it with his album Infinite which flopped, in my opinion this is one of his best tracks, again, very old school and underground.

Yonas - The Proven Theory

Yonas is one of the most positive artists out today. Good beats . Positive messages.


- Love the track & video . Can't believe Shia LaBeouf himself directed, shot & edited this .. I still picture him as that annoying kid on "Even Stevens" so it takes some time to progress everything he's doing now. Overall Amazing work .
Can't wait for Maniac ! Now that's something I'm really looking forward to.