Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I doubt a lot of people know this one, back when Eminem was still recording in basements he was with a group called Soul Intent. One of his tracks included:

Eminem - Biterphobia

Eminem - Demon Inside 

(Not sure when/where this was. Lyrics

are crazy though)

He tried to make it with his album Infinite which flopped, in my opinion this is one of his best tracks, again, very old school and underground.


HiFi said...

interesting. didn't know that

Anthony said...

I can't even look at Em back in the day , that's wow.

Amazing though had no idea
& i'm a huge fan. His old stuff is mind blowing . He should bring the past back. I'm sure alot of people would like it & maybe some would even prefer it.

Byakuya said...

Eminem's new stuff is all trash in my opinion, but this track is just a testament to how good he used to be.

Excellent post, never heard this track before.

Great blog, followed.

Take a look at mine sometime if you get the opportunity:

braumaman said...

Not sure how I didn't know this. I knew of his mixtapes and stuff. Just not this.

Anonymous said...

heard some of his stuff in the past, never knew he had more stuff beyond the past